World Pride 2014 Exhibit

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Amor sáfico e socrático: estudo médico-forense
Published in 1922 by the Portuguese Institute of Medical Law,… View
An obscene diary: the visual world of Sam Steward , first opening
An Obscene Diary: The Visual World of Sam Steward is… View
Audio: Overview of the exhibit
Fisher librarian David Fernandez on the World Pride exhibit.… View
Body politic no. 101
The Body Politic, ranked as the 17th most influential magazine… View
Diana Frederics's Diana: a Strange Autobiography
Published in 1939 by the Dial Press, Diana: A Strange… View
Gay stud's trip
The selection of gay pulp fiction from the collection of… View
Ginsberg Photo 1
The University of Toronto is now home to the largest… View
Uranisme et Unisexualite: tude sur differentes manifestations de l'instinct sexual
Unanisme et unisexualité: étude sur differentes manifestations de l'instinct sexual… View