A book of family records and personal reminiscences / [manuscript
Holograph in black ink., Text on rectos; versos left blank… View
Alla madama la granduchessa madre Gallileo [sic] Galilei : [manuscript].
Fine italic script; varying number of long lines per pages,… View
De claustro animae : [manuscript]
Preceded by a fragment of the author's De duodecim abusionibus… View
Fenestella : de Romanorum magistratibus [manuscript]
Title derived from MS. on leaf 2., Leaf 1 is… View
Kitab nahj al-balāghah : [manuscript.
Leaves [1-3] at end blank., Arabic script; 18 or 19… View
Manuscrit original concernant l'Athénée royal d'Ath, 1914-1923.
Cursive handwriting, long lines with some tables., Written in one… View
Maḥazor le-Sukot : [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum; Ashkenazi square script of the 14th cent.… View
Mrs Conybeare’s commonplace book : [manuscript].
Commercially produced diary printed at London for Taylor and Hussey.,… View
Opera evangelica, or, The Gospel of St Iames and Nicodemus
Bound in contemporary paste board with a plain brown leather… View
P. Rashi ʻal ha-Torah [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum in square Sephardic hand., Incomplete; includes Gen.… View
Sefer Halakhot pesuḳot [manuscript]
Ascribed to Yehudai ben Naḥman, 8th cent. Author and title… View
Sefer ha-Zohar [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum, written by Shabtai Balbo of Candia, Crete,… View
Sententiarum libri IV [manuscript]
Gothic minuscule script; 2 columns of 39 or 40 lines… View
Sheʼelot u-teshuvot. [manuscript]
Manuscript on paper in a Sephardic hand., Includes 261 simanim… View
Torah, Neviʼim, Ketuvim [manuscript]
Manuscript written on vellum in Toledo, Spain, Kislev, 5068 [Dec.… View
Viriadas / [manuscript
Written in a single hand in Portuguese, in brown ink.,… View
[Breviarium Romanum] [manuscript]
On vellum; written in Italy, in a gothic bookhand., One… View
[De sacramento altaris et valore missarum : manuscript
Gothic minuscule script; 1 column of 25 lines (10.2 x… View
[Dell'immitatione di Cristo : manuscript
Generally attributed to Thomas à Kempis; formerly attributed to St… View
[Diaries of a trip to the North Western Territories of Canada : manuscript]
Cursive handwriting in ink and pencil; long lines, varying per… View
[Essays and journal : manuscript].
Cursive script; columns and long lines., Written by two hands… View
[Gospel lectionary (Cistercian use) : manuscript
Early paging in ink, centre top margin; earlier foliation in… View
[Homeliae de tempore, de sanctis, et de communi sanctorum : manuscript.
Rotunda antiquior script; up to 26 long lines per page… View
[Horae : Dutch Book of Hours] : [manuscript]
Gothic minuscule script; 1 column of 19 lines (10 x… View
[Horæ : manuscript
Leaves [1-3] and [124] verso-[126] in a later hand., Bound… View
[Le coutumier de Normandie : manuscript]
Gothic minuscule script; 1 column of 20 lines (8.75 x… View
[Liber quatuor evangelistarum] [manuscript]
Modern 19th century, blind-tooled, goatskin binding., Minuscule script; 2 columns… View
[Maḥazor le-shabatot meyuḥadot, le-Furim ule-Tishʻah be-Av] : [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum, in square Ashkenazi script of the late… View
[Maḥazor] : [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum in Ashkenazi script of the early 14th… View
[Medical recipe book : manuscript.
Cursive script, varying number of long lines per page., Written… View
[Military diary from Seven Years' War in North America : manuscript
Cursive script; varying number of long lines per page., Two… View
[Miscellany of texts for the Order of Friars Minor] : [manuscript]
Tight Gothic bookhand; long lines (10.5 x 6.5cm.)., Written by… View
[Officia beatae Mariae virginis et defunctorum manuscript
Written by two different hands in Gothic minuscule script with… View
[Perush Neviʼim u-Khetuvim] [manuscript]
Manuscript on paper; written in two columns, 25-29 lines to… View
[Questiones in Aristotelis De caelo et mundo] : [manuscript]
Gothic book hand; 2 columns of varying numbers of lines… View
[Sketchbook : art originals /
Sketches drawn (many coloured) on blue, ivory, green, and rose… View
[The four gospels in Greek : Codex Torontonensis : manuscript
Leaves [228-263] are later additions, containing the synaxarium and menology.,… View
[Two New York State farmer's diaries : manuscript
v. 1: 48 leaves; v. 2: 179 leaves., Volume 1… View
[Vita venerabilis Roberti Herefordensis episcopi : manuscript
Gothic book script; 2 columns of 23 lines (19 x… View
[Ḥovevei Zion album presented to Moses Montefiore on his 100th birthday] [manuscript]
Manuscript on vellum, written in 1884 by numerous hands. Each… View

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