An obscene diary: the visual world of Sam Steward , first opening


An Obscene Diary: The Visual World of Sam Steward is a limited edition of 1,000 copies printed by Antinous Press of New York. The book chronicles the remarkable visual and textual works of this talented and largely unknown writer, tattoo artist, photographer, and sexual outlaw, also known as Phil Andros. Samuel Steward (1909-1993) taught English and History in various American universities until the 1950s when he made a transition into a career as a tattoo artist and “archivist” or historian of the underground gay sex scene of Chicago. He wrote numerous popular gay erotica novels under the pseudonym Phil Andros, taken from “philos”—to love, and “andros”—man, meaning “lover-man” or “man-lover”. Steward’s writings document gay sex as a political and ideological act of liberation against heteronormativity and rigid or established sexual conventions.

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