Amor sáfico e socrático: estudo médico-forense


Published in 1922 by the Portuguese Institute of Medical Law, Amor sáfico e socrático is a “forensic” study of male and female homosexuality, sodomy, transvestism and other “sexual anomalies”. Arlindo Camillo Monteiro (1888-1956), medical doctor and legal expert, traces references of homosexuality from classical mythology and historical accounts to popular literature in order to “advance the knowledge of this sordid topic” in Portugal. The author’s “forensic” approach makes this book an important primary source document for the history of homosexuality in Europe. One example of the kind of evidence presented in the book is the table shown here which lists the cases of sodomy processed by the Inquisition in Portugal and its colonies between 1553 and 1587. The Fisher copy of Amor sáfico e socrático has a peculiar provenance or ownership history: the book shows the book plate and shelf mark of the “Biblioteca Escuela Penitenciaria de la Nación”, in other words, this book was part of the collection of a prison library in Spain.

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