The destruction of Sodome: a sermon preached at a publicke fast, before the honourable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament ...


John Harris (1588?-1658), Head and Prebendary of Winchester College, wrote and preached The Destruction of Sodome in 1629 before the House of Commons at St. Margaret’s Church in Westminster. This sermon is one of the earliest tracts dealing with sodomy in English. “Masculine bestiality”, as Harris preaches, “is a sin, none but a Devil, come out of Hell in the likeness of a man, dares to commit: a sin, enough to defile the tongue that talks of it”. Harris’ treatment of sodomy does not depart from current views on homosexuality by religious fundamentalist in developed and developing nations alike. The Fisher copy of The Destruction of Sodome has contemporary manuscript annotations of biblical passages and an ownership inscription in ink found on the upper cover of the book.

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